Hayat Bulgaria Chemical Ltd. is one of the ten affiliates of HAYAT HOLDING Turkey, that is active in the industries as follows:
  • Chemicals
  • Wood processing
  • Sanitary and cleaning products
  • HAYAT HOLDING owns total of seven plants in Turkey, Bulgaria, Albania, Romania and Ukraine.
    Hayat Bulgaria Chemical Ltd. produces washing and cleaning products of the brands TEST, BINGO, BINGOSIL, BINGOLA, BINGON, HAS, HAYAT soaps, and NIT, MOLFIX baby diapers and MOLPED sanitary pads.
    All products are distinctive with their high quality resulting from the quality raw materials used, the modern manufacturing technologies and of the constant control of each stage in the manufacturing process.
    The products of Hayat Bulgaria Chemical Ltd. are exported in more than fifteen countries all over the world, some of them are Czech Republic, Poland, UK, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Greece, Egypt, Israel etc.,

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    HAYAT Bulgaria Chemical Ltd.
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